XIPIXI on the cover of Moz Celeb Magazine with Laylizzy

The top entertainment and lifestyle magazine in Mozambique, Moz celeb, has recently released its latest issue where it features Geobek records artist Laylizzy wearing the Darkness collection floral waistcoat and bow-tie by XIPIXI. The fashionable ensemble was carefully put together by Mozambican celebrity stylist Daniela Mondlane.

On Friday May 26th, Moz celeb held a restricted launch event attended by the Who’s Who of entertainment and fashion for the release of the 33rd edition of the magazine. XIPIXI was represented by its event coordinator, Dalva Macheve who thanked the editors for the interest in working with the brand.

The current issue of the magazine dedicates an article to XIPIXI where the founder and creative director, António Macheve Jr. talks about the story of the brand and reveals new information that led the magazine’s editor to call the article “XIPIXI THE BOSS”.  Find out more about the interview on the latest edition of Moz Celeb. now widely available throughout the country.