XIPIXI & Glamyoureux Founders Respond to 21 Questions posed by Josina Machel High School Students

XIPIXI & Glamyoureux Founders Respond to 21 Questions posed by Josina Machel High School Students

XIPIXI Founder & Creative Director António Macheve, Jr and Glamyoureux Founder Carmen Sitoe sat with students from Maputo’s Josina Machel High School who participate in  the Livro Aberto English Club led by instructor Alexis Cole of Navitas Group, Lda. The couple responded to 21 student-generated questions regarding their entrepreneurial journey; as well as, how they  balance their private family life while building brands.

The students asked questions to both entrepreneurs, ranging from the meaning of their brand names and their relevance to Mozambique, to the daily challenges of running rapidly growing businesses in the competitive and fast-paced industries: fashion and beauty.

The Glamyoureux founder spoke to the girls in the group about finding opportunities, strength and motivation rather than discouragement during the challenges that she faced in starting the business; challenges of running Glamyoureux while working in the investment banking industry and being a young, black mother. Carmen encouraged the girls to believe in the notion that a woman’s  right is  to have a family and to  do meaningful work that can support herself and her family. Additionally, she stressed  the importance of having supportive partners in all endeavors.

GLAMYOUREUX is a lifestyle hair brand that provides glamorous and premium quality hair products including lace wigs, wigs and ponytails. The brand was pioneered by Carmen L. Sitoe. Her passion for hair began when she moved to the US and was presented with endless hair styling options inspired by African American celebrities.

António Macheve Jr., XIPIXI founder, highlighted parts of his life experiences; such as his journey from unemployment after obtaining his first degree in International Politics in New York and founding the XIPIXI brand with the equivalent of a mere $3 dollars, to XIPIXI now servicing 8 countries around the world. As he answered questions posed by the English Club students, Macheve, Jr. consistently emphasised the key elements to building a strong business as: forging strategic partnerships and finding opportunities in every challenging situation.

Associação LIVRO ABERTO’s community library is located at Jardim dos Professores across from Josina Machel Secondary School. Thanks to the American Embassy and the Cultural Affairs Office, Livro Aberto currently offers a free English Club program for twelve Josina Machel Secondary School students from June through November 2016. English Club consists of classes in academic English with an American English language instructor. In addition, it offers a supported tech lab available with access to Transparent Language online; an English language learning program that helps students improve their language skills at their own pace.

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