The Meaning of the Darkness Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.

The Meaning of the Darkness Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.

On July 30th 2015, XIPIXI by Mozambican fashion executive António Macheve Jr.  along with menswear brand Goose Homme set the tone for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. The “Darkness” Collection by XIPIXI was no ordinary fashion show.

Indeed, it is unusual for a fashion show to start in the dark with a two-minute piece of spoken word recited by the Designer. Between every line and color variation of XIPIXI’s Darkness Collection, there was a short piece of spoken word that signaled the transition from one mood to the other. In an interview with AFI TV, Macheve explained, ” This is how the collection started out, dark. The music was very sinister and then we moved to the colors, and at the end, we had the white, which symbolizes peace”.

In essence, the theme of the collection sought to inspire people to use their dark moments to re-focus and work towards brightness and not fall into desperation as expounded by the quote asserting the conviction that,”In every crisis, lies the seed of opportunity”.

The show started out with dark colors, a combination of navy blue and vibrant ethnic prints from Mali. The second variation was conspicuously colorful, with a vibrant green and red capulana fabric from Mozambique. The last models closed the show wearing white. The last line of the collection had two suprises, XIPIXI first lady Carmen Sitoe appeared with the couple’s baby daughter Kikiana Macheve sleeping peacefully on the catwalk. They were followed by South African radio personality from KFM and fitness model Liezel Van der Westhuizen who closed the menswear line in style.

To view the interview with AFI TV, click on the following link: XIPIXI AFI TV INTERVIEW.

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