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Our story

The Brand

XIPIXI is an African luxury menswear brand. Founded by António Macheve Jr., the designer brand gives the international gentleman the opportunity to express himself and build a sense of personal style through aesthetically fine garments, accessories and visual concepts. The brand is set to celebrate African heritage with a touch of bespoke tailoring and modern design for gentlemen. XIPXI means cat in the ronga language from Southern Mozambique. Cat is universally known as a colloquial expression referring to men. XIPIXI was created as a reaction to a scarcity in luxury and lifestyle menswear made in Africa for the world.

XIPIXI has showcased collections at Oxford Town Hall in the United Kingdom, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town and Johannesburg by African Fashion International and South African Fashion Week. The brand is widely known for its famous bow-tie, which has been worn and endorsed by A-list celebrities in Hollywood during the 2015 Emmy Awards.The Chamanculo Collection at Oxford Town Hall in the United Kingdom solidified XIPIXI’s position as a full fashion house. During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town and Joburg by African Fashion International, XIPIXI surprised the world with the introduction of suits, robes, shorts, shirts, jumpsuits and other accessories using a wide range of fine fabrics and regal patterns. The brand has a wide-ranging clientele who often attend its lifestyle events, including artists, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, businessmen/women, media personalities, celebrities, sportsmen, creatives, government officials, Investment Bankers and others.

The Founder

António Macheve Jr. is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar from Mozambique who founded and is Creative Director of XIPIXI. Macheve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Politics from Queens College of the City University of New York and a Master’s of Philosophy in Development Studies from the University of Cape Town.

António was born in Maputo, raised in his hometown, Paris and New York and is currently based in Cape Town. His international upbringing in 3 continents contributes deeply to the DNA of the brand, which celebrates African heritage with touches of bespoke tailoring and modern design in a very unique and original manner. His work designing dates back to the late 1990s when he informally designed sports garments for men inspired by the SOURCE magazine sports campaigns. He continued to learn more drawing techniques to perfect his skills and was inspired by his Arts Teacher, Ms. Ozzure, at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens, New York to continue exploring various drawing and painting techniques. In 2007, his dedication to the arts earned him the Saint Gaude’s Medal for Fine Draughtsmanship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, an award conceded to the most talented young artists of New York City.